Raison D’Etre

Creative Media Enterprises was created to help individuals, startups and established businesses turn their brilliant ideas into viable business models. We do this with the hope that the digital, and sometimes physical, articulation and expression of these ideas will successfully help sustain our clients financially, professionally and vocationally, far into the future. To highly-skilled tech gurus, our company might seem unsophisticated or pedestrian and conversely, to luddites and the working-class, our mission may appear too artificial and technology centric. In truth, our company stands somewhere in-between. We care about technology, but we also care about our common humanity and what makes us all human.

Let us Explain

Let us talk a little more about where our company is coming from. For us, business and digital technology are inseparable.

In today’s world climate, both in the east and in the west, businesses and the institutions that regulate and support them, are desperately looking to innovate and modernize their economic and civic infrastructures.

Progressive cities and nations around the World have already begun pushing toward online-education, startup infrastructures and entrepreneurism all in an effort to help drive economic and civic landscapes toward more fiscally, environmentally, technologically, sustainable and healthy models.

All this is the product of the globalized condition; it is the current state of affairs, and this fact is not easily disputed.

Our Concern

As a company we are most notably concerned with the fact that, although the transition to a digital future has already begun, so many of the worlds industries and business infrastructures are unprepared and nowhere near where they ought to be.

It is no Secret

It is no secret that digital mediums and methodologies will need to be adopted by individuals, businesses, and world governments alike, across the globe. For those entities who have already begun a digital trajectory, the implementation of digital technologies will need to occur at an increasingly larger and more rigorous scale in order to remain relevant and stay competitive.

Our Mission

Our identity and mission as a company recognizes the fortuitous potential in the synthesis of design, marketing, and technology, as a means to transform the current political, social and economic landscape. It is our belief that design and technology have the ability to affect deeply, social and cultural changes. We believe in using both to help create opportunity for those in need, those trying to get ahead, or simply those trying to stay current with the global shift toward a digital future.

Believe it or not!

Believe it or not, our company is not simply here to score the wealthy client who wants to play with shiny new toys (AI, Machine Learning, etc.) in order to make a profit, keep up with the jones’, or spend money in ways that others can merely dream of. Our company is here to help make the intersection between business, design, marketing and technology increasingly more accessible to the struggling young, to the marginalized poor, and just in general, to the everyday people in our communities who work hard, have brilliant ideas and capabilities, but lack the 10’s of thousands of dollars in capital or “know-how” to get started.

Our company desires to help the hard-working, enthusiastic, talented, skilled, courageously-inspired and brilliant minds belonging to you and I – and which exist in common, everyday people all around the world – to rise up above the economically and socially unequal landscapes which currently hold us back and have un-fortuitously laden us full with hardship and challenge. We do this with the hope to help our clients conduct their livelihoods more effectively and sustainably, and in turn help them find their most dignified positions and ennobled conditions, within the communities they reside.

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