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Creative Media Enterprises (CME) is a single member LLC founded in 2010 by Cornell University graduate and creative-entrepreneur, Sophia Goehner.

The Company focuses primarily on physical and digital, design and marketing solutions for individuals, startups and established businesses. CME was re-structured in 2018 to include various company divisions each specializing in a unique combination of design, marketing, management, property, print, publication and brand solutions tailored to meet differing business typologies.

Creative Media Enterprises does not develop employee, employer relationships, but instead establishes collaborative working relationships with other freelance agents or agencies who are technically and/or creatively interested in working together, to deliver high quality property, brand and business solutions to a varied client base.

We are “A Locally-Focused, Internationally-Driven Umbrella Company, delivering Physical and Digital Business Solutions to Individuals, Start-ups and Established Businesses!

Our Services

Creative Media Enterprises provides various Technical and Creative Services to a variety of Business Typologies in Major and Minor Cities around the World.

A Global Agency

Currently, thanks to the World Wide WebCreative Media Enterprises, has become a Globally Accessible Agency capable of both Supplementing Existing Business Structures as well as Developing entirely New Business Structures for SmallMedium and Extra Large Businesses in nearly any City in the world.

Remotely Present & Locally Focused

Due to innovations in Technology and Transportation Creative Media Enterprises is able to travel to your business both virtually (remotely) and/or physically (locally) to provide you with cutting edge Creative and Technical Tools, Services and Innovations which will assist your business in remaining competitive in today’s Global Market Economy.

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