Our Top 3 Marketing Trends for 2017 and Beyond!

By Sophia Goehner

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The Top 3 Marketing Trends That Will Define our Marketing in 2017 and Beyond.

By Sophia Goehner

At Creative Media Enterprises, our marketing experience has led us to strive to assist our clients by creating marketing strategies and promotional content that helps our clients increase brand awareness, reach their desired consumer targets and maintain relevant relationships with consumers. We do this by engaging in, and initiating, online conversations on various forms of media which center on topics of relevance and focus on elevating consumer experience. Additionally, by delivering clear, concise and relevant content, we clarify the products and services of our clients and help them increase their visibility and value in the worlds of those they wish to serve. By helping clients pair their unique services with those consumers who actually require these services, we ensure mutual benefit to both client and consumer and thus elevate the interaction.

Our Services

All our services start with a discovery phase which focuses on being sensitive and receptive to the needs and goals of our clients. We then compare these needs to the market they wish to engage in to find a common thread. Doing this ensures that our approach begins and remains on a trajectory that specifically focuses on key objectives and continuously holds client/consumer interdependence, in mind. By maintaining clear objectives based on our clients goals, as well as defining appropriate contexts and manners in which to exercise them, we re-define service, reduce inefficiency, eliminate directionless chatter and optimize content delivery and consumption.

The Industry

The industry is moving away from pushy advertisement strategies, which in the end seem to drive more clients away. Instead more and more businesses are creating content that invites the consumer to engage in an arena of mutual benefit. This can be done by offering consumers added value. By continuously keeping three things in mind: context, consumer relevance, and consumer experience you can place your business on a path toward avoiding insensitive tactics and instead make quality connections with relevant consumers. If you are interested in initiating a working relationship with Creative Media Enterprises we are eager to help put you on the path toward re-defining your online presence and staying relevant in today’s market.

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